Established in 2008, over 10 years of establishment and development of Industrial Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd. has made continuous efforts to overcome the wind waves as well as constantly research and learn to provide to customers. The best and safest service. Industrial Electrical Technology Co., Ltd mainly operates in:

  • Installation of electrical system includes: Installation of electrical system, lighting, fire alarm, electric automation, control signal, fire protection system.
  • Mechanical processing, treatment and metal coating
  • Repair of electrical machinery, equipment, maintenance of electrical system
  • Installation of machinery and industrial equipment.
  • Exploiting, processing and supplying water.
  • Trading machinery, equipment, electrical materials.
  • Construction of public utility works including: construction and installation of lines and transformers up to 220 kV, construction of irrigation works.
  • Installation of water supply, drainage, heating and air conditioning.
  • Construction of civil engineering works including civil, industrial, technical infrastructure of industrial parks and industrial park infrastructure.
  • Architectural and engineering activities.

With its enthusiasm and experienced staff, Industrial Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd (the Company) has gradually affirmed its position by participating in big projects because counter or units to find.

The mission of the company

Mission of Industrial Electrical Engineering Company Limited is to become a leading company in the field of industrial and civil electricity in Vietnam. Bring safe and aesthetic products.

The philosophy of the Company

Good products make good reputation, good reputation will create good brand, a good brand to create success for businesses. Prestige and customers are both core values ​​and targets pursued by Industrial Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd.

Development orientation of the company

Stay current and step up to new heights in the future

Continuously studying and absorbing scientific achievements in industrial electricity technology from other countries in the world, as well as researching and developing new products to serve domestic customers, safe and aesthetic.

With the desire to bring the best services and attitudes to customers, Industrial Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd is always ready to listen to suggestions from customers.


Industrial Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd

Head office: Manhattan 04-07, Vinhome Imperia Urban Area, Thuong Ly Ward, Hong Bang District, Hai Phong city.

Phone: 0914.52.0005 (24/7 support)