Some key projects

Since before the company was officially established, the core team of the company has participated in bidding for many big projects of important partners in the country. Specifically, some outstanding projects are as follows:

  • Project of Viet Nhat Mechanical Factory in 1996
  • Project CALTEX BETUM, Thuy Nguyen 1999
  • Total Gas Plant Project 1998
  • Project CALTEX lubricants – Dinh Vu in 1999
  • Total Oil Plant Project in 2000
  • Highway Lighting Project 18 – R4 in 2002
  • Construction of 35KV & TBA 1250KVA-35 (22) / 0.4KV Ha Long Ceramic Company
  • Power Project and control of circulation pump station – Uong Bi Power Plant in 2006.

After officially established, IEE CO (the Company) has participated in many national key projects, especially Electric Power Project, Lighting and Control Package B1 & B3 – Dung Quat Refinery 2007, 2008


                                     (Overview of Dung Quat Oil Refinery)

Some pictures of the installation of electric power system, lighting at the project “Electric Power, Lighting and Control Package B1 & B3 – Dung Quat Oil Refinery




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